Spendthrift Love

Song Lyric

You’re just a spendthrift, Baby, facing bankruptcy
You dream of dresses from Givency
You can’t go on pretending to be a millionaire
When all you’ve got to spend is just a pocketful of air.

I’m not your sugar daddy, Baby, I’m just a low paid guy
I can’t fix your debts, so please don’t make me try
We’ve got to face reality, yes face reality…

A pocketful of air is all you’ve got to spend ’ Oh baby can’t you see
A pocketful of air won’t ever get you very far ’ You can take it from me.
You can’t go out on a shopping spree
‘Cos It won’t buy love, it won’t buy love
No, it won’t buy my love for you.

We can manage baby, this is not the end
I’m not your VISA card, but still your flexible friend.
Here in my heart you’ve still got stacks of credit
And, Baby, any time you like you can debit it.