Lycra Biker

My name is Milton
from downtown Brixton.
I’m on da dole
But I still got soul
‘cos I’m a Lycra biker.
I got plenty of style
I’m a serious cycler
I race every mile.

Got aviator shades
helmeted head
snarl on my face
just like Judge Dread.
Me head is down
legs are pumpin’
doin’ thirty an hour
an’ me heart is jumpin’

Me Spandex outfit’s
tight as skin
shows me pecs
holds me in.
Wearin’ Arsenal red
An’ Chelsea blue
I’m a kingfisher flash
From Electric Avenue.

Me Claude Butler frame’s
got a mean gear set
I can eat up de hills
shed no sweat.
I’m de king of da road
I’m de lord of the lanes
I don’ care if it shines or it rains.

I’m sleek, I’m a streak
I’m in peak form.
I got pride, I like to ride
In de eye of da storm.
Yeah I’m jobless
But ain’t no reject ’
When I’m on two wheels
Man, I got self respect.