At Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp there was a warehouse where the baggage of people arriving at the camp by train was opened and robbed. This building was called ‘Canada’ to mislead many of the deported families into thinking they were going to Canada.

Where are we going, Mutti?
Please tell me once again.

We’re going, my child, to Canada
To Canada on the train.

Why are we going to Canada, Mutti
In this train so stinky and squashed?

To start a new life, my little one,
Where we will be clean and washed.

When will we get there, Mutti?
I’m hungry, thirsty and cold.

Soon, my darling, we are stopping now,
So we must do as we are told.

Why are those dogs all barking, Mutti?
And why do the soldiers shout?

Hurry now, child and hold my hand
Thank God we are getting out.

Why have they taken our cases, Mutti
With our clothes and things inside?

They’re taking them to Canada, baby,
Come, we must stand this side.

Where is father going, Mutti
Why must they take him away?

He’s off with the men, my dear
I’m sure he’ll be back today.

So are we now in Canada, Mutti?
I’m afraid and I’m going to cry.

This is our home now, little one
See the sign there ’ Arbeit Macht Frei.